Welcome to Theta Talking Space

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. Theta Talking Space is about exploring and applying metaphysical approaches to wellbeing. I invite you to explore the power within you to manifest the life experiences you desire to live.

I welcome you to probe your potential and be the best that you can be. I further invite you to have the greatest experiences in every area of your life that you can imagine and believe. Find More Here...


Commitment to You
Theta Talking Space is committed to your unfolding, in discovering your path to greater wellness.

Knowing You
My focus is supporting you to examine circumstances and events which play and sometimes re-play themselves in your life; and assist you to know and identify deep held beliefs, which no longer serves you.

Meeting You
My Theta Talking Space service is aimed at meeting you wherever you are on your journey; and discovering with you how wellbeing can be achieved in any area of your life.

Supporting You
I am committed to working with other Wellbeing Practitioners and Specialist, in bringing to you a tailored package which supports your specific holistic wellbeing needs.

Your Journey

With the skills and experience gained as a Theta Healing Practitioner, use of the Silva Method and registered EMDR specialist you will be supported to move in the direction which severs you and addresses traumas and beliefs which do not support attainment to your higher self.