Theta Wellness Sessions

As a Holistic and Theta Healing Consultant, my One on One service involves spending time exploring your desires and life experiences. The purpose of this service is to create a Talking Space to share emotional and psychological pressures experienced in your private or professional life.

This service is based on using Theta Healing as a tool of transformation and provides you with the privacy to talk and examine deep held beliefs.

My service is designed to clearly support clients through the process of healing and improved wellbeing. In my sessions, you are guided through a four stage process. This process is flexible and may vary according to your needs.

1.Clarify Concern

man wavesAs with any circumstance in our lives, when we find ourselves feeling unease, dissatisfaction, ill-being, fear, resentment or discontentment we are often emotionally and or psychologically conflicted. The first port of call is always to gain clarity on the presenting situation.

I offer a unique service of a trained ©‘ListeningEar’ to thrash out and strategically unpack emotional or the source of physical discord. The service I provide is personal and passionate. Questioning technique ‘digging’ as applied in Theta Healing® practice is used to illuminate the presenting situation. This may be the first time you really gain an understanding of the source for the dissatisfaction you may have been feeling for some time. This explorative part of my service allows you to understand and dissect circumstances and events in your live.

I have found that this process alone can often bring moments of revelation to long standing concerns in my clients’ lives, and this revelation in itself can begin the healing process.

2. Establish Source of Concern

Often unwanted repeated patterns in our lives are base in root beliefs, such as ‘I am not competent or not skilled enough to be promoted or I am not good enough to have fulfilling relationships’. With these beliefs at the root of our subconscious mind, we attract and draw to us relationships and circumstances and events which satisfies these beliefs. A belief or an opinion or conviction can be held on different levels of our being. These include Core level, Soul level, History level and Genetic level. Through the modality of Theta Healing, including the embracing of other metaphysical tools, I am able to support you to identify your root beliefs and were some of your beliefs are held.

what2I offer my clients a space to fully explore why some of their beliefs became integral to their way of being. All beliefs, whether we perceive them as good or bad exists within us for a reason. The question is, whether we still need to hold on to a particular belief. I support my clients to determine the usefulness of their beliefs and help them to either let go of old beliefs and or replace them with new beliefs which better serves their current wishes and desires.

Through the technique of muscle testing, which comes from the school of Kinesiology, I assist my clients to tap into their subconscious mind and to begin to free themselves from feelings of guilt, fear, resentment, unworthiness.

3. Connecting with Energy Source

what4When we accept that everything is energy, including a thought or a belief, we start to understand how we can begin to bring about the changes we want in our lives by connecting to the Creator Of All That Is or the energy source within us.

We can begin to work with energy through thought, intention and a clear request to the Universe. We come to know and accept that we can bring about the changes we wish to see and the experiences we wish to live.

I offer my clients the space and time to begin to understand, know and believe in their ability to further enhance their business, social and personal life experiences. My service allows you to agree with yourself, new intentions which will enable you to meet your goals.

4. Strengthen Change

You will be supported in agreeing and setting your new intentions. Together, we will induce a meditative state which will begin to create clearer channels to connecting with Universal Intelligence and communicating your new desired state. A belief in the Creator Of All that Is, or God or the Energy Source is of essence in bringing about the new experiences you desire to live.

Our feelings is a good barometer of what is going on within us. By the end of the session, you should be able to assess for yourself the changes in feelings. These changes in thoughts and feelings are often an indication of the new creations you are starting to bring about in your life.

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