How Theta Healing® Can Help You

Belief transformation is at the core of healing your life. With Theta Healing® mental

programmes such as ‘I am not good enough’ can be altered to ‘I am good enough’ or ‘I am worthy of joy and success’. In the theta brain wave state you can re-programme the subconscious mind for a better and improved reality.


Decision making was a challenging area for me as I would at times procrastinate, making the process very long which affected other areas of my life and people close to me. Self-doubt would sometimes sabotage taking action which resulted in stagnation. … we explored my beliefs on a subconscious level…worked on issues of low self-esteem, which I did not consider myself to have…

Awareness was the Key, Realisation was the Opening and Change came about through subconscious and conscious transformations.

I can honestly say that I have experienced many positive and significant changes as a result of the sessions. These experiences were both internal and external as other people were also positively affected by the transformation that was taking place within me. I now smile with the Joy that I experienced through working on myself…

Trust, Forgiveness and honouring myself are more important to me now as a result of exploring the deeper beliefs that I held at that time, I continue to reflect and grow with the new Self-awareness.

I would say to anyone who would like to understand themselves from a deeper perspective, not to be afraid to get to know themselves, it is a Liberating experience.’

Thank you, Onagete Jennifer

Theta Healing can help in the following areas of your life:

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