What Is Theta Healing®

headTheta Healing is the practice which uses natural intuition in the Theta brain wave state to co-create with Universal Intelligence ‘Creator of All that Is’ for emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

We have come to understand that the source of many challenges in our lives is often based in programmes held in our subconscious mind. Many of the programmes we hold are beneficial to us but some programs limit our growth and our expansion.

Programme held in our subconscious mind are learnt during our childhood or from a particular experience or from social or cultural norms. This programming can govern how we respond to and create life experiences. They can also cause us to attract repeated circumstances and events which we either find dis-comforting, dis-stressing or which creates dis-ease. If we are aware of such patterns in our lives we may ask ourselves ‘why is this happening again or why does ‘this’ always happen to me. Theta Healing will help you to find answers to such questions and to be in a position to make informed decisions about the direction of your life.

shakraIn the Theta brain wave state we can examine our subconscious programme, assess how they have served us and begin to release unwanted programme from our mind. Theta Healing allows us to begin to address unwelcome experiences and to start bringing about the changes we want to now experience.

By connecting and realising our ‘Oneness’ with Universal Intelligence we can ask for and receive altered states of being, for improved life conditions.

Clients will often also experience going into a meditative state, when in a Theta Healing session. This synchronicity of energy supports the healing process.