My Tarot reading service allows you to explore aspects of your life in pictures and creates the space for self reflection.


This three card spread Reflection service gives you a snap shot view of past, present and future perceptions of events in your life. By staying focused on the situation and or question during the reading, the universal law of synchronicity will deliver to you wisdom and guidance on moving forward.
My Three Cards Service is a simple and an informative way of quickly gaining a broader understand on any long standing or arising situations in your life.

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This Insight seven cards spread is perfect for gaining an in-depth analysis of any aspect of your life. You will gain a better understanding of your current feelings, what outside influences are impacting on a particular situation or event and insight about obstacles which are influencing outcomes.

An open mind and readiness to receive the messages the cards reflects is helpful to the tarot reading service.

This service is offered online via Skype, but can also be booked for a face to face service.

To book a session go to Bookings.